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Synthetic Strategy Engine Documentation

Before You Begin


This chapter provides a brief summary of pre-installation tasks and a list of installation procedures for Synthetic SE.

Time and Time Zone

You do not need to specify a time zone to run Synthetic SE. When X_TRADER submits a timed-order, it converts the time to UTC before sending the order to Synthetic SE; so Synthetic SE need not use time zone conversions when it arrives at the Synthetic SE server.

However, the time that the order is submitted to TT Gateways is based on Synthetic SE’s machine clock. Therefore, TT requires that Synthetic SE’s machine clock be kept accurate to within one second to ensure that the submission of timed orders is precise. See the TT Hardware / Software Optimizations and Recommendations Reference Guide for further information regarding network time synchronization.


Synthetic SE consumes a standard Gateway license. For more information on Gateway licenses, refer to TT Gateway Architecture System Administration Manual 7.X.