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TFX Gateway Documentation

Single Gateway Failure


In this scenario, when the gateway fails, all traders currently trading on the exchange lose their connections. The exchange detects the loss of connection and logs off the trader.

Gateway Failure

The following list provides specific information on what happens to trading information (such as fills and orders) when a single TFX Gateway fails:

  • Orders: All orders will be kept working at the exchange regardless of TIF upon a Gateway disconnect.  To cancel orders, traders must contact the exchange.
  • Fills: The TT Gateway stops receiving fills.

If traders want to trade, they must call the exchange.

Gateway Software Recovery

After a failure, and upon successful restart or of a TFX Gateway or starting significantly later than the official gateway start time, the following gateway activities occur:

  • Fills: X_TRADER® refreshes its Fill window by downloading fill information stored in the *bof.tbl and *fill.tbl files. Meanwhile the TFX Gateway downloads any fills that occurred during the failure and sends these to X_TRADER®. The TFX Gateway cannot access fills that occurred on previous trading days.
  • Orders: When a trader reconnects, the TFX Gateway re-requests all Order Book information (working orders in market).
    • All GTC order information is available from the exchange.
    • The Gateway has a record of GTD orders in the order book file. Most GTD orders are on hold until traders resubmit them. However, GTD order information may not be available if the Gateway crashes before writing the GTD orders to disk. In this case, GTD orders are deleted from both the exchange and the TT Gateway.
  • TTQAP (or VAP): When TTQAP Enabled=True, TTQAP resets to null (0) following an unclean shutdown. When trading resumes, TTQAP continues accumulating from zero (0). For further details on TTQAP, refer to the TT Gateway Architecture SAM Version 7.X.

Gateway Hardware Recovery

Recovery processes are identical to those listed above for Gateway Software Recovery.

Example Scenario - Single TFX Gateway

Quick Financial Services (QFS) has one TFX Gateway. During trading hours, the drive on the TT Gateway crashes, and immediately, all traders lose their connection to the exchange. The exchange displays red in Guardian, prices no longer refresh, and traders stop receiving fills. Even though they have X_TRADER® open, traders lose the ability to trade on TFX. Before closing out of their workspaces, traders document their positions. Traders who must trade call the exchange.

QFS installs and starts up another TFX Gateway that same day. After startup, a trader, named Thomas, logs into the TFX Gateway. At this time:

  • The TT Gateway downloads all order and fill information from the exchange, including fills that occurred during the TT Gateway failure.
  • Thomas’s X_TRADER® downloads his order and fills and updates the Order Book and Fill Window.
  • Because the TT Gateway lost all of the stored fills and orders, there is a slight delay while the TT Gateway downloads this data from the exchange.

Thomas opens up his workspaces and grids, and begins trading at current market prices. After verifying that it is OK to do so, he resubmits his GTD Orders. Thomas compares his notes to his current position and sees no discrepancies. He continues to trade normally.