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Autotrader sends all orders as Aggressive. Orders become Passive if they are not immediately filled.

Autotrader Tick Formula

Because BrokerTec uses the + to designate half ticks, a function was developed to allow you to continue using offsets in Autotrader.

Formula: =TICK(<row>,<price>,<n>)

Example: =TICK(3, mBidPrc, 2)


  • <row>= The row # (from the top of the grid including headers, 1 based) - meaning 3 is the first Autotrader row, 4 is the second...etc.
  • <price>= The base price: a string, number, or column name (ex: 110.01, "110.01+", mBidPrice). If this parameter contains a literal price with a plus in it, the parameter must be wrapped in quotes.
  • <n>= The number and direction of ticks to move the base price contained in the second parameter. Positive numbers indicate ticking up; negative values, ticking down.