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TT SIM™ Documentation


Market Data

Will there be a price delay in the Simulation solution?

No, TT SIMTM receives real-time live data from the production TT Gateways. TT SIM does offer a user-configurable delay that can be used to simulate certain market conditions.

How many instruments can I simulate with the new simulation solution?

TT SIM’s overall performance is directly related to the workstation specifications. TT SIM has shown remarkable stability when connected to dozens of TT Gateways providing access to hundreds of instruments. The quality of the simulated trading experience increases as the workstation’s specifications increase.

Will it be possible for 2 traders, sitting right next to each other, to see different simulated market data?

Yes. The amount of simulated orders and the amount of liquidity in the contract may result in different market data for different traders.

Order Entry

Can I trade both Simulation and Production at the same time from the same workstation?

No, at any given time a user may be logged into the TT System in Production Mode or Simulation Mode – but not both.

Can I trade products in simulation that I can’t trade in production?

Yes. The administrator will have the ability to enable products for trading in simulation only.

Is Pro-Rata matching supported?

Yes, Pro-Rata matching is supported in 7.16.1 and higher for certain products. Older versions of TT SIM support First-in, first-out (FIFO) matching only.