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TT System Requirements Documentation

Network Time Settings


Network Time Protocol (NTP) is designed to synchronize computer clocks over a network. It is capable of achieving synchronization within microseconds, depending upon the synchronization source and the network paths.

TT recommends synchronizing TT Gateways with a Time Server that meets the following requirements:

  • fully compatible with NTP v4+
  • accurate within 1 second or less

Note: TT does not recommend using Windows Time Service as it does not guarantee the level of accuracy that TT requires. For more information about NTP, refer to http://www.ntp.org/.

Note: If Windows Time Service must be used due to network limitations that prevent connecting to external time sources, contact your TAM.


Time management is the responsibility of the TT client’s systems administrator. A large time change made to the operating system clock of a production TT Gateway during trading hours can cause problems, whether initiated by Windows Time Service, NTP, or even low CMOS batteries.