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TT User Setup System Administration Documentation

Basic Functionality


TT User Setup is a client and server application that allows administrators to create and maintain Universal Login IDs for traders in a Trading Technologies trading environment.

Universal Login

Universal Login is the ability to map traders' individual MGT (MemberGroupTrader) IDs (or Gateway logins) to one Universal Login ID. Traders use their Universal Login ID to log into multiple TT Gateways at once.

Failover and Replication

TT User Setup Servers support hot failover and automatic data replication. If a server goes down, all other TT User Setup Servers will continue to process login requests without interruption.


TT requires a GuardServer license for each instance of TT User Setup Server running in your environment. Each license must include the IP address of the corresponding TT User Setup Server.

You may also request a free Login Server licensed to TTGlobal Exchange.


The TT User Setup Client does not require a license.