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TT User Setup Documentation

Creating a New Gateway Login through the Users Window

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Gateway logins are the MemberGroupTrader IDs used to log into TT Gateways. Each gateway login can have its own account numbers and risk limits.

Note: For more information about configuring Gateways Logins, refer to the User Login and Risk Administration Reference Manual.

When creating a gateway login through the Gateway Login window, you must manually assign the gateway login to a user. However, when created via the Users window, the gateway login is automatically assigned to the user you are editing or creating.

Note: For a detailed description on creating a gateway login through the Gateway Logins window, refer to the Creating a New Gateway Login topic.

  To create a new gateway login using the Users window...

  1. Access the Gateway Logins tab for a user.

  2. Configure the Gateway Login fields.

    Refer to the New User and Edit User Window Fields topic for descriptions of each field. The same fields are available from the Edit User window.

    Exchange-specific fields for order management can be entered using the Exchange <#> fields available on the New User or Edit User window.

  3. Leave the Generate Admin Gateway Logins for all gateways option unchecked. To use this option, refer to Generating a Gateway Login for all Gateways.
  4. To create a new gateway login, click New. You can also edit an existing login by selecting it and clicking Edit.
  5. Follow the procedures in the Assigning the MemberGroupTrader ID topic, starting with step 2.