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Logging in to X_TRADER

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

With the TT Login dialog box, you can easily log in to multiple exchanges at once. Your individual MemberGroupTrader IDs are mapped to one Username in TT User Setup. Simply type your Username and Password in the TT Login dialog box and click the Log In button.

To login to X_TRADER:

  1. Double-click the  icon from your desktop.

    The TT Login dialog box appears.


  2. Type your User Name and Password.
  3. Click to select Live or Simulation.

    Warning! By selecting Live you are logging into the production trading environment.

  4. Click Log In.

    If you choose to continue, click Log In. The gateway login section displays and informs you if any selected gateways (i.e. flavors or brokers) are unavailable.

  5. Modify these as needed, see Manage Login Gateways for more information.
  6. Click Log In.

Accepting the CME Market Data Subscriber Agreement

In X_TRADER ASP only, X_TRADER® and X_RISK® users that subscribe to CME market data will be presented with a link to the CME Market Data Subscriber Agreement when they log in to those applications. All users must sign this agreement by January 1, 2015 to continue subscribing to CME Market Data. This requirement applies to users in production and SIM environments.

To accept the CME Market Data Subscriber agreement...

  1. Click the link in the warning message displayed on the Login screen.

  2. Accept the agreement.

    After you follow the link and accept, TT User Setup is notified and you will be flagged in the database as having accepted. In TT User Setup, this appears as a checked read-only checkbox in the Subscriber Agreement Signed column in the user Product Group Permissions window and the market data accordion in the Web Client.