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One of the things that has made our trading solutions stand out through the years is our focus on providing application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable end users and developers to integrate their applications with our trading platform. To this end, I’m excited to announce that we have officially released the TT REST API, which gives our users tools to leverage the power of the TT platform within their own applications.

This TT REST API provides a set of easy-to-use HTTP endpoints for accessing and updating the same information used by the TT platform, including:

  • Static data for tradable instruments
  • Historical fills
  • Positions for the current session
  • Risk limits and permissions

This is not a solution for those applications that are latency sensitive, but it is a great utility API to interact with almost any aspect of the TT platform in a RESTful manner. For example, customers that want to integrate existing middle-office risk-management systems can utilize the /risk endpoints to add users, add accounts, set risk limits, update product margins and more.


Customers that want to integrate historical fill analysis applications can request fills using a variety of filters.

TT REST API trading

And customers can also extract instrument information, such as symbols, tick sizes, and more, via the product definition endpoints.

TT REST API trading

Gaining Access

To access the TT REST API, you must have a “key.” The fully interactive documentation details how customers can create keys for themselves. Since we charge for keys, we also offer the ability for administrators to control who can create keys.

Keys for developers in the TT User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment are free. And our Developer Technical Support (DTS) team is ready to assist you with any and all development questions.


Before we launched this product, a number of customers participated in the beta program and provided invaluable feedback. This is only the first version. Like all TT products, we’ll be adding more functionality based on demand, so reach out and let me know what you think.