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5 Questions with Angie Setzer a/k/a @GoddessofGrain on Twitter

Angie Setzer has been working in the grain industry for over 11 years. After beginning her career as a cash grain broker, she transitioned into a position as Vice President of Grain for Citizens Elevator in Charlotte, MI. At Citizens, she manages five elevator locations as well as a state-of-the-art on-farm program bringing the company’s overall yearly handling to over 12 mbu. She writes the “Cash is King” column for Pro Farmer and she has been seen on AgDay, U.S. Farm Report, Market to Market and the Weather Channel. She also makes regular appearances on Market Rally Radio, Benzinga’s Pre-Market Prep show and Agritalk. You can follow Angie on Twitter at @GoddessofGrain.

– Brian Mehta, CMO


Get Whatcha Need

“If you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need.”
– The Rolling Stones

I think maybe Mick Jagger needs to talk to some of today’s graduates and hiring managers. It seems that some aren’t sure what they want—and consequently don’t get what they need.

The current skills gap quandary is not a myth, but rather an expensive problem. And it seems that it is “degree agnostic.”


What Lies Ahead…?

As I pore through my emails trying to catch up for the new year, I am still reminded of the whirlwind that was 2016. Certainly it was a year of many amazing, shocking, happy and sad events. In my world I am reminded by the Brexit vote, the U.S. election, the DOW approaching 20K, cyber threats, a Cubs World Series win and many, many passings of individuals who left too soon.

So starting in 2017, my thoughts are a precarious balance of optimism and uncertainty. I think it is fair to say with the major events of Brexit and the outcome of the U.S. election, “volatility” will be the buzz word. The impact will clearly be on the financial markets, but the implications will reverberate across geopolitics to mainstreet. Closer to the derivatives world, compliance and regulation will be a major focus. With the recent and expected changes to the CFTC (and continued other U.S. government changes), RegAT and MiFID will be jockeying for the mindshare and workshare of vendors and execution firms alike.


Conquering Chaos: Trump’s Longer Term Effect on Interest Rates and Trading in Swap Futures

The following is a guest post by Christopher Rodriguez, chief marketing and relationship management officer of Eris Exchange, and Geoffrey Sharp, Eris’ managing director and head of sales. Eris is a U.S. futures exchange that offers listed interest rate swap futures. Trading Technologies offers connectivity to Eris through both the TT® and X_TRADER® platforms.

Some traders were more prepared than others for the results of the U.S. presidential election in November. Higher implied volatility, changes in risk premium and increases in interest rates resulted from Donald Trump’s surprise victory. Equity markets plunged then rallied. All told, the month of November was remarkable for traders.

Heading into Thanksgiving, 10-year Treasury Note Yields reached highs not seen since the middle of 2015. The bond sell-off tapered toward month-end, but the forwards predicted a more aggressively rising rate environment. (more…)