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CODE: Can Chicago Tech Crack the Code?


Last week, TT co-sponsored an event for the documentary “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap” at 1871. The film focuses on the dearth of female and minority software engineers in America, exploring issues from childhood STEM education to startup culture.

This topic, while certainly not new in conversation, is something we are passionate about at Trading Technologies. We ran a blog series about women in technology spotlighting women at TT on Trade Talk last summer. I started this conversation not to point fingers or place blame, but to highlight what the demographic disparity has meant in our industry and to our teams over the years, as well as to focus on and celebrate some of the progress being made.

Given our interest in the subject matter, when we heard about the CODE documentary, we were excited to get involved and bring it to Chicago for the first time. I personally was grateful for the opportunity to be on a post-screening panel discussion with the director, Robin Hauser Reynolds, and other tech leaders from Silicon Valley Bank, Talution Group and Women Tech Founders. The discussion raised many interesting points both in terms of where the gender gap comes from and what we can do to address it. (more…)

Expo, Expo, Read All About It!

Last week, FIA hosted the 31st annual Futures and Options Expo in Chicago, bringing together over 5,000 attendees from around the industry and the globe. After attending my first FIA Boca and IDX this year, I was eager to complete the trilogy with FIA Expo.

Expo is always a big event for TT due to its nature as the year’s largest industry gathering. But this year was even more important than usual for us. This was the first Expo since the release of the TT platform in March, and Expo attendees were able to create trial accounts on site at our new booth.

It was an exciting week for us, and we documented the important action via the #FIAExpo hashtag on Twitter. Scroll down for an inside look via some selected tweets from @Trading_Tech.


Ready, Set, Expo!

Chicago Skyline at Dusk

Today marks the start of the annual FIA Expo conference, with opening festivities kicking off this evening at City Winery. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be among the many companies exhibiting our products when the trade show hall opens at 10am.

Expo is always eagerly anticipated by all of us at Trading Technologies. It provides one of the best opportunities to connect with customers, prospects, partners and friends from the futures and options community while also showcasing the newest capabilities of our software.

This year, the excitement for us leading up to Expo is even stronger than usual. If you’ve been following our progress, I’m sure you already know that the new TT, which we previewed at last year’s Expo, became commercially available in March. Since that time, the platform has continued to rapidly evolve, bringing TT closer to (or in some cases beyond) feature parity with our legacy X_TRADER® software. We’ve added many new features including support for order-cross prevention, third-party algos, block trading, CME’s MDP 3.0 price feed and more. At the same time, we’ve continued to dramatically reduce latency compared to X_TRADER, and future enhancements will continue to drive down these numbers; stay tuned for updates.

No Compromise: The Next-Gen TT Platform

Few things are transforming software, business, and nearly every aspect of our lives like cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS). It’s easier than ever to build and deploy new applications, and the result is a plethora of new companies vying for our attention across nearly every domain. The cloud revolutionizes data collection and analysis and empowers SaaS, making it simple to distribute software to anyone, at any time, in nearly any location.

It's no surprise, then, that the cloud is finding its way into trading systems as well. TT was an early adopter of cloud technologies in the trading space. We began talking about our next-generation trading platform in early 2014, but a year and a half later, and particularly with new entrants using similar terms, I think it’s important to ask: what does it mean to be a “cloud trading platform,” is there a difference between SaaS and “cloud,” and where does TT fit into the mix?

Next-Gen TT Trading Platform

New technologies such as HTML5/Javascript make the next-generation TT platform accessible to users via the internet, mobile device or desktop client.