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What to Expect from TT at FIA Expo 2016

chicago fia expo
FIA Expo is here again, and as always, for those of us who provide solutions to the futures industry, it provides a great opportunity for assessing the past year and talking about plans for the future. This year has been one of growth and continued evolution at Trading Technologies. In the last few Expos, we were talking about where we were going with the TT® platform alongside our legacy platform, X_TRADER®, but 2016 finally gives us the opportunity to talk in terms of where we have been and the benefits users of TT see compared with other offerings in the market.

While TT and X_TRADER are not yet at feature parity, that is due in part to the fact that we have been investing in TT to build new features and functionality that have never been available in X_TRADER while also investing heavily in the performance and flexibility it offers in terms of automated trading.


Conquering Chaos: Fari Hamzei, Hamzei Analytics

fari hamzei

This week, we launched a chaos-themed campaign showing traders how to get through the most chaotic market periods using the TT® platform. We’ve partnered with Anthony Crudele, host of the popular Futures Radio Show, to elicit stories from successful traders about the challenges they faced on the most chaotic trading days of their careers, how they managed against the chaos and the ultimate outcome.

Fari Hamzei is a nationally ranked market timer, the founder of Hamzei Analytics and the author of “Master Traders: Strategies for Superior Returns from Today’s Top Traders.” A self-taught trader, he started his career in the markets during the silver crash of 1980, trading equities with his own and his father’s money. Today, he focuses on equity options and index futures. He is very active as @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter, where he has over 160,000 followers.


Wizards of Today’s Markets: Ray Cahnman, Part 2

ray cahnman wizards of today's markets

For Part 1 of this interview between our CEO, Rick Lane, and Ray Cahnman, Chairman and Founder of TransMarket, see Wizards of Today’s Markets: Ray Cahnman, Part 1.

Rick: Would you say that—we've all made bad trades and probably learned more from those than from the good trades—but would you say that [your narrow escape with the back month mortgage spreads] is the story that underscores your approach to the rest of your career?

Ray: That was the worst, and there's no question that you learn more from your bad trades. You make a good trade and the question you have to ask yourself is, was it skill or luck? And if I had to do it all over again, would I do it the same way? When you have a losing trade, you can't beat yourself up too bad. If you did everything right, and you still lost, you'd say, “Well, if I had it over again, I'd do it the same way.” In any sport, in any game—trading, tennis, any competitive sport—you learn more from your losses than from your wins. If you win, you kind of chalk it up—that's on the scoreboard—and you go on to the next. The loss—you have to go back and re-analyze what happened and what you did wrong. And that's especially true in trading. And you try and avoid making the same mistake twice.


Wizards of Today’s Markets: Ray Cahnman, Part 1

ray cahnman wizards of today's markets

It’s September, when many traders return to the markets looking for opportunity. It’s appropriate then that this third installment of “Wizards of Today’s Markets” features Ray Cahnman, Chairman and Founder of TransMarket, a trader who has been seeking out trades and making markets since the mid-seventies.

Founded in 1980, TransMarket has had offices in Chicago, New York, London, Madrid, Sydney, Singapore and Mumbai, and at one time, over 400 employees. In 2016, the firm is enjoying its most robust year in both volume and profits generated. I’m grateful Ray stopped by the Tech Tap to speak with me, as he was very open in discussing the highlights and lowlights of his career.