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SYDNEY and CHICAGO, September 22, 2015 – The Asian-based energy and commodities futures exchange FEX Global Pty. Limited (FEX) and Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT), a provider of high-performance professional trading platforms, today announced that FEX has contracted with Trading Technologies to provide the exchange’s trading participants with the company’s next-generation TT trading platform.

The TT platform provides secure, high performance, go-anywhere market access and trade execution through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model. TT will allow trading participants to access the FEX Global markets for commodity and energy futures contracts.

Tom Price, CEO of FEX Global, commented, “This agreement will enable trading access to our market from launch for our clients. The new TT platform will enable our clients to access and utilize the key benefits of TT, which features a fully integrated suite of sophisticated trading applications and high-performance trading tools through a significantly simplified infrastructure environment.”

“This agreement with FEX provides further validation for our next-generation technology,” commented Rick Lane, CEO of Trading Technologies. “TT will facilitate broader market access to FEX’s energy, commodity and environmental futures and options products by allowing FEX market participants to trade from virtually any location and device using our robust professional trading tools. At the same time, this collaboration with FEX will help accelerate distribution of TT in the Asia/Pacific region, where we are seeing strong demand for our new technology.”

About FEX Global
FEX Global has been granted an Australian Market License by the Minister under s795B of the Corporations Act (the Act), enabling it to offer energy, commodity and environmental derivative products.

FEX Global seeks to serve the risk management and trading needs of global customers, with particular emphasis on participants based in the Asia-Pacific region. FEX Global will provide and operate a broad range of energy, commodity and environmental futures and options products.

FEX Global offers innovative product development, relevant technology and a superior level of service that focuses on creating real trading and risk management opportunities within the Asia/Pacific region.

About Trading Technologies
Trading Technologies (, @Trading_Tech) develops and delivers professional trading software for a wide variety of users including proprietary traders, brokers, money managers, CTAs, hedge funds, and commercial hedgers and risk managers. TT provides access to 45 major international exchanges and liquidity platforms. Its new next-generation trading platform, TT, uses the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model to give users a fast, reliable, mobile solution that represents what’s next in the world of trading and technology.