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ICE: API Upgrade

Q3 2023

ICE has announced that they will undergo an API upgrade on 26th August 2023.

TT has made two changes for this ICE API upgrade which are now available in UAT for client review.

1. Exchange System ID Enhancement: TT has made the necessary changes to accommodate the extension of ICE generated system IDs. Before, these IDs were up to 9 digits long, but now they can be up to 14 digits long.

2. TVTIC Update: To reduce the risk of duplicate IDs being created, ICE has increased the length of the MiFIR Trading Venue Transaction Identification Code (“TVTIC”) from 42 characters to 51 characters by adding extra padding to the Exchange Deal ID part of the TVTIC. TT has made the necessary changes to accommodate this change.

For additional information from the exchange, please refer to the “Trading Platform API Release Notes – Q3 2023 Release”.

SGX_GIFT: Data Center Network Patching

August 12

SGX will be conducting maintenance activity on SGX Gift ICI Data Center on Aug 12  2023, Saturday, between 1700 to 2100 hours SGT. During this time,  GIFT SGX-ICI services will be impacted.

There should be no impact to TT , and no action is needed from TT customers for this activity

NSE: Change in Expiry for MIDCPNIFTY Futures and Options

August 17

The expiry of futures and options on MIDCPNIFTY will be modified to Monday from the existing expiry of Wednesday.

  • Weekly contracts will expire on the Monday of every week, excluding the expiry week of monthly contracts.
  • Monthly contracts will expire on the last Monday of the respective contract month.
  • If Monday is a trading holiday, then the expiry will be on the previous trading day.

The expiry date of all existing contracts will be modified as per above at EOD on August 16. The expiry date for the contracts expiring on August 16 will not be modified. The first Monday expiry will be on August 21.

This change does not directly impact TT, and the updated expiry dates will be automatically available on TT from August 17.

Additional Resources


TFEX: Annual Broker DRP #1 Test

August 19

TFEX has scheduled their Annual Broker DRP #1 Test for August 19, 2023. Please note that access to the test will not be available on the TT platform.

HKEX: Data Center Failover Rehearsal

August 19

HKEX has scheduled their Data Center Failover Rehearsal Test for August 19, 2023. The TT Production Environment will be available for participants’ access on the test day. In the meantime, the exchange has asked all Members to confirm participation in the Rehearsal using their Online Test Participation Form on or before August 11, 2023 (refer to the Circular linked below).

Additional Resources

HKEX Circular MO/DT/182/23

Eurex: NextGen ETD new OEXP Daily Options

August 28

Eurex is introducing new OEXP EOD and EOM daily options in production on August 28th. This product is now available in the UAT environment for testing.

NSE: September Mock Session

September 2

TT plans to participate in the mock trading session that will be conducted by NSE on September 2, 2023. Further details regarding this mock session are awaited from the exchange and will be added in subsequent System News and Updates.

NSE: Change in Expiry for BANKNIFTY Weekly Options

September 4

The expiry of weekly options on BANKNIFTY will be modified to Wednesday from the existing expiry of Thursday.

  • Weekly contracts will expire on the Wednesday of every week, excluding the expiry week of monthly contracts.
  • If Wednesday is a trading holiday, then the expiry will be on the previous trading day.
  • There is no change to the expiry of Monthly and Quarterly contracts.

The expiry date of all existing weekly options will be modified as per above at EOD on September 1, and will be effective from the trade date of September 4. The first Wednesday expiry will be on September 6.

This change does not directly impact TT, and the updated expiry dates will be automatically available on TT from September 4.

Additional Resources

NSE Circular for BANKNIFTY

SGX: Titan DT/DC Hardware Refresh

September 9

SGX is planning to upgrade all servers, network gateways and network switches to Service Release (SR) 11 which is recompiled with the latest software versions. 

To verify participants’ connectivity to the upgraded trading and clearing system, SGX has planned for a mandatory Industry Wide Exercise (“IWT”) on Sept 09 2023 , to ensure that all participants’ systems are able to connect and login to the new system.

Titan DT/DC will be upgraded on 21 Oct 2023. 

SGX has provided the test plan  in the latest newsletter for SR11 Titan DTDC hardware Refresh published on 31st July 2023. Please refer to it for more details 

Additional Resources

Titan DTDC Newsletter – Titan DTDC Hardware Refresh – 06 Jun

Titan DTDC Newsletter – Titan DTDC Hardware refresh ( IWT1 )31st July
(SGX Titan Portal password required)

Eurex: Simulation Downtime

August 28 to September 10

Eurex simulation environment will be down from 8/28/2023 to 9/10/2023 for the upgrade to T7 12.0. This means all environments facing Eurex simulation (DEV, STAGE, UAT) will be down during that time. On September 11, TT will  work to get DEV connected, and once that is done UAT will be upgraded as soon as possible later that week.

HKEX: Block Trade Facility Enhancement


HKEX has announced enhancements to improve the Block Trade workflow for a tentative Go Live in Q3 2023.

The list of HKEX enhancements is listed below. For support of “Block Trade Order Entry after the Close of T Session,” a new Trading Status is required. The new Block Trade Only trading state will appear in TT as “Post Trade” and these changes are completed, tested and available now for testing in the UAT environment. It has come to TT’s attention that Members have been asked to “confirm that all of your OAPI programs are capable of handling the new Session State on or before Aug 4, 2023.” Members should feel comfortable submitting this confirmation at any time, but should also feel free to confirm this first-hand using the UAT Environment.

For all other enhancements other than “Block Trade Order Entry after the Close of T Session,” it has been verified that there is no impact to the TT Platform. Customers should follow the instructions provided by the exchange for those three enhancements.

  • Lower MVT for HSI and HSCEI Back Month Contracts
  • Enhanced Block Trade Price Precision by Average Pricing
  • Block Trade Order Entry after the Close of T Session
  • Reporting Overnight Block Trades for MSCI Futures
Additional Resources

Exchange Circular MO/DT/157/23

TT Factsheet – HKEX Enhancement to the Block Trade Facility

FIA: Industry-Wide Testing

October 14

The Futures Industry Association will sponsor its annual Industry-Wide Disaster Recovery Testing (IWT) on Saturday, October 14. We will facilitate customer participation for registered TT platform customers. 

Testing will be available on the following exchanges:

  • CFE 
  • CME 
  • EEX
  • Eurex 
  • Euronext
  • ICE 
  • Montréal Exchange
  • Nodal

Customers who plan to participate in the FIA IWT should contact their Onboarding Manager to register for testing and provide exchanges that will be tested along with Connection_IDs that will be used during the test.

Ping/telnet tests for relevant exchanges will be completed by TT staff as required.

For additional details, please see the FIA Disaster Recovery Exercise information page.

JPX: Name Change of TSE Mothers Index Futures

November 6

JPX has announced that the product name of the TSE Mothers Index Futures will be changed to “TSE Growth Market 250 Index Futures” starting from November 6, 2023. For the TT platform this is a simple change of text value in TTW’s Description field / FIX Tag 107. The change will be reflected on TT starting from November 6, but there is no impact to trading functionality and no action is required on the part of TT end users.

TFEX: New Currency Futures

November 13

TFEX has announced plans for a production launch of the new Thailand Currency Futures with a tentative date of November 13, 2023. These are the same Currency Futures that were originally scheduled for launch in July of 2022 and Members already verified them during the 2022 IWT – MME testing.

Since the TT platform was fully updated for handling the products prior to the 2022 IWT tests, no further software changes are required on the TT side at this time. The Product Codes are as follows:

  • EUR/THB Futures – “EUR”
  • JPY/THB Futures – “JPY”

The exchange requires that Members verify the new Currency Futures in the TFEX “NEXT-B” Test Environment starting from September 4, 2023. The TT UAT Environment is currently being expanded to include NEXT-B connectivity, which will be available for access under the “TFEX_DEV” market starting from the end of August, 2023.

Eurex/EEX: T7 Release 12.0

November 20

Eurex is planning a T7 upgrade to version 12.0 on November 20 2023 . Further information will be provided in the coming weeks. 

Eurex/EEX: ETI TLS Encryption


Eurex has implemented mandatory changes regarding data transmission via the T7 trading interfaces. These changes have been made to improve the security of information transmitted via communication networks to further reduce the risk of unauthorized interception, manipulation, or misuse.

Changes will be made by TT to meet these requirements. These changes will be mandatory on the following dates:

InterfaceMandatory In SimulationMandatory in Production
ETI LF04 August 202323 October 2023
ETI HF24 November 202311 December 2023

More details will be provided in upcoming Updates.

SGX: Titan DT/DC Update


In a recent newsletter (“Titan DTDC Newsletter – Proposed T+1 Trading for United States Single Stock Futures”) SGX announced plans to extend trading hours for United States Single Stock Futures (Grab, SEA and TSMC Futures) into the T+1 session, with a tentative target timeframe of Q4, 2023.

As part of the implementation for this change, the exchange is making several changes to the behavior of OAPI messages, including the dissemination of Instrument Status (Trading Status) messages.

TT Platform Impact

There is no impact to the TT platform. All of the Titan DT/DC Update changes will be supported on TT automatically; no software changes are required. Customers are welcome to confirm the changes in the TT UAT environment, following the schedule outlined by the exchange in the “Session State Timings in Member Test Environment (MTE)” section of the newsletter.

TFEX: Reactivation of TFEX Bait function


TFEX has announced plans to reactivate their TFEX bait function (implied order matching). TFEX Bait order generation and matching has been disabled on the exchange side since the launch of the New Trading System (since May 8, 2023) and they have now made public their intention to reactivate this feature with a tentative target timeframe of Q4, 2023.

TT is currently working to provide testing access to Bait orders in the UAT environment and availability is currently projected to be implemented before the end of July. Further updates will be provided here in System News as they become available.

TFEX: Extended Trading Hours


TFEX has announced tentative plans for an extension of trading hours for Non-Equity Products effective in Q4, 2023. The exchange is planning a 2-phased approach for implementation of the changes. Q4 is the tentative schedule for Phase 1; Phase 2 is still under consideration by the exchange.

TT Platform Impact

There is no impact to the TT platform. Since TT TFEX services already stay connected to the exchange past the new Non-Equity Products‘ closing time, no changes are required.

CME: Mandatory Migration – iLink3 Binary Order Entry Protocol for CGW

February 4, 2024

CME is introducing iLink3 on Convenience Gateways (CGW) for trading futures and options on CME Globex. The iLink3 protocol will launch on the existing CGWs beginning Q1 2024. All customers connected via CGW will need to migrate to iLink3 by Q4 2024. More details will follow in upcoming System Updates.

IDEM: Migration to Euronext

March 2024

IDEM products will be migrating to Euronext in March 2024. Further details will be provided as the date approaches, which can be found here.

Global Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Requirement

Cyber security threats in our industry reinforce the importance of all of us instituting all available security tools.

To safeguard our customers and ensure that we deliver TT platform components in the most secure fashion, we will require all TT platform Production environment users to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) by close of business September 1, 2023

The use of a 2FA method will be mandatory. The following methods are currently available to configure 2FA (in order of preference):

  • Google Authenticator
  • E-mail
  • SMS (strongly discouraged due to weaknesses with SMS)

Please contact if you have any questions.

HKEX: Self-Match Prevention Service Enhancements

Q2, 2024

HKEX has announced enhancements to their Self-Match Prevention Service which will expand the methods of utilizing and accessing the SMP feature. The enhancements have a tentative Go Live date in Q2 2024.

At this time, TT has no plans to support the new exchange feature enhancements. The already-existing HKEX SMP implementation will continue to operate normally, with no changes, both before and after the rollout of the exchange’s new enhancements.

LME: New Trading Platform

April 2024

LME will be introducing a new API for Order Entry and Market Data in Q2/2024. This will be made available in the UAT environment in Q4/2023. More information will be provided in upcoming System News and Updates.