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TT FIX: SSL Certificate Update

September 20

For customers whose FIX engine natively supports SSL encryption, or who have implemented FIX session encryption using STunnel, TT provides a TTFIX.crt file with the public certificates used by the TT platform FIX endpoint. 

At end-of-day  August 13, 2021, TT will update the file located in the TT Help Library in order to update the soon-to-be-expired certs in the TTFIX.crt bundle. All customers who use STunnel will need to download a new zip file and apply it prior to September 20, 2021.

  • Added TT Platform STAR.TRADE.TT expiry  September 4, 2022 (DC)
  • Removed the GoDaddy root CA certificate
Additional Resources file

Directions for configuring stunnel with TTFIX.crt

MX: Asian Hours Initiative

September 19

As of September 19, the trading day opening time for the following products will change from 2:00am ET to 8:00pm ET (T-1):

Interest Rate Derivatives (CRA, BAX, OBX, CGZ, CGF, CGB, OGB, LGB)

Index Futures & Sector Index Futures (SXF, SXM, SMJ, SCF, SXA, SXB, SXH, SXK, SXU, SXY, SEG)

The UAT environment will support the new trading hours on September 10th.

Additional Resources

MX Circular 024-21

MX Notice of Date Change – Circular 063-21

OSE & TOCOM: J-GATE 3.0 API Upgrade

September 19
Go-live rehearsal – Customers may conduct testing at their own discretion.
September 21

Osaka Exchange (OSE) and Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) have announced that the production launch of the next-generation derivatives trading system, J-GATE 3.0, will be on September 21. 

Pre-Migration of Data

TT will conduct a Pre-Migration event in which Customers’ User, Account and System data will be migrated automatically from OSE and TOCOM to JPX. After the Pre-Migration is complete, Setup details that were saved for OSE and TOCOM will remain in place on OSE and TOCOM and will also be duplicated on JPX. For details regarding Pre-Migration, please refer to the J-GATE-3.0 Migration Guide document.

Migration Dates:

  • September 2: UAT
  • September 13: Production

HKEX: Market Rehearsal for PRTM 2.0

September 25

HKEX will be holding a mandatory Market Rehearsal for customers to test HKEX PTRM 2.0. TT will make the production environment available for a Mock Session during this test. More details will be provided when communicated by the exchange.

Eurex: T7 10.0 Upgrade

November 22

Deutsche Börse plans to introduce T7 Release 10.0 on November 22. The simulation period for T7 Release 10.0 is planned to start on September 13. Additional information from the exchange may be found here.

With this upgrade, Eurex will require that Order Routing System (ORS) providers and users comply with the amended rules and the associated identification obligation that will become effective for Exchange Participants as of 22 November 2021 with T7 Release 10.0. As a result, customers will be conditionally required to provide exchange Member and Trader information on order entry in Tag 2404 ‘ComplianceText’. Details on this initiative may be found here.

TT Platform Impact

TT will support required changes resulting from the T7 10.0 upgrade. Additional details will be provided in September, along with availability in Simulation.

Please note that UAT is currently down, as Eurex is upgrading their Simulation environment to 10.0. We will provide an update on UAT availability next week once we are able to begin our own internal testing.

CME: Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD) Night Trading Session

December 2021

Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD) will add a night trading session for all active products on CME Globex. Due to the time difference between Malaysian time and Central time, the night trading session activities will begin the business day prior to actual trade date in Malaysian time. The new night trading session will be open for trading Monday – Thursday. There will be no Friday night trading session. Hours will be 21:00:00 hours to 23:30:00 hours (Malaysia time). See Additional Resources for more information.

TT Platform Impact

TT will support the night trading hours. This is available for testing in UAT.

Additional Resources

CME Globex Notice August 16, 2021

Nasdaq: Nordic Equity Derivatives Trading Replatform

February 21, 2022

High level details on this initiative from the exchange:

Nasdaq is migrating our Nordic Equity Derivatives markets, currently on the Genium INET platform, to a new Global Derivatives Trading System based on INET technology that leverages our Nasdaq Financial Framework (NFF). This Nasdaq next-generation platform is a solution based on global financial standards, for stable, flexible and high-speed services. The new framework with its powerful core technology and standardized access to Nordic liquidity, will in the coming years be the common technical platform utilized across all Nasdaq’s U.S. and European markets and asset classes.

The migration of equity derivatives to the new trading platform is scheduled for implementation on February 21, 2022. Please note that equity derivatives will continue to be cleared in Genium INET after the trading re-platform.

Additional details may be found here.

TT Platform Impact

TT will support this upgrade, and will support NASDAQ’s FIX API for order entry. 

Additional details on availability in UAT will be provided later this year.

FIA: Execution Source Code Schema Initiative (Tag 1031)

Timeline Varies by Exchange

Multiple exchanges, in cooperation with the FIA Execution Source Code Schema Initiative, are moving forward with plans to implement FIX tag 1031 (CustOrderHandlingInst) on their APIs.

Exchange-Specific Plans
  • CME: Tag 1031 is supported and is mandatory.
  • ICE: Tag 1031 is supported, but not required. 
  • Eurex: Tag 1031 is supported, but not required. 
  • CurveGlobal/IDEM: Tag 1031 is supported with the SOLA 14 Upgrade on February 3, but is not required.
TT Platform Impact

For CME, tag 1031 is now available for use in Production. Customers should select a valid value in Setup or set Order Tag Defaults. 

For ICE, tag 1031 is now available for use in Production. Customers should select a valid value in Setup or set Order Tag Defaults to send the value to the exchange. Customers can choose not to select any value as this is an optional field for ICE.

For Eurex, support of tag 1031 on the TT platform is now available. Customers should select a valid value in Setup or set Order Tag Defaults to send the value to the exchange. Customers can choose not to select any value as this is an optional field for Eurex. On the X_TRADER platform, tag 1031 is not currently supported.

For CurveGlobal and IDEM, support for tag 1031 was added on February 3 for both exchanges.

Additional Resources

FIA Indirect Clearing Documentation