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When we were in the early stages of developing the new TT platform, we were often asked if we thought our customers would resist moving to an HTML5-based trading system that leveraged the cloud. Given that the financial services industry has generally been slow to adopt multi-tenant cloud-based services, it seemed like a fair question—and one that we were prepared to address and overcome.

While we’ve certainly faced questions about the new system, we’ve seen almost no resistance to the technologies on which it is built. Our customers, including many global banks, recognize that the cloud along with the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model will deliver faster client onboarding, reduced IT support requirements, lower costs and unprecedented ease of use along with low-latency execution via private, proximity-hosted data centers and co-located execution facilities.

We recently showed the TT platform to TABB Group’s Paul Rowady, who was enthusiastic about the hybrid architecture. He published his initial thoughts in “Next-Gen Cloud: Bifurcation Becomes Trifurcation,” asserting that “firms increasingly must adopt proprietary plus multi-tenancy infrastructure configurations, in which infrastructure includes not just internal and external (cloud) components, but further places assets in locations that match the desired performance.”

Paul Rowady,
TABB Group

Paul went on to say: “A great example is where Trading Technologies (TT) has re-architected and re-launched its core trading solutions in a way that leverages both high-performance proximity architecture and lower-cost [virtual private clouds] (VPCs) (on Amazon Web Services—AWS). What this means is that the firm’s trading solution is partly running locally in a browser (or installed desktop application option), partly running in a proximity hosted cage in a Tier 4 datacenter (where one or more market matching engines reside), and also partly running on any number of (Cassandra) VPCs in datacenters around the world where AWS maintains its infrastructure. The benefits of this architecture for the efficient delivery of functionality such as TT’s ‘forever audit trail’ to clients is unprecedented.”

You can read the complete article here on TabbFORUM.

We’re enthused by the overwhelmingly positive market response and excited to be rolling out the TT platform to early-stage users. We’ll be sharing regular updates as we move closer to the commercial launch.

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