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We recently bolstered our Advanced Options offering with the addition of Eurodollar options and Calendar Spread Options (CSOs) to the TT platform. This means that our customers can now access volatility surfaces and theoretical pricing for both Eurodollar options and CSOs through an unequaled platform thanks to TT’s SaaS delivery model, unrivaled technology and seamless global infrastructure.

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At TT, we take outages personally, and any time there is a major issue on any of our platforms, it’s “all hands on deck.” Still, we would much rather avoid outages and unplanned downtime altogether. So, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what we’ve done over the last few years to avoid system outages and how the TT platform ups the ante with respect to delivering superior system availability. And while much of this blog post relates to the newer TT platform, rest assured, we are committed to delivering the highest possible availability on all platforms: TT, X_TRADER® ASP and TTNET™.

Operating and maintaining a global trading platform is not a trivial endeavor and certainly not your typical IT operation. These systems are by their very nature complex—normalizing and bridging a multitude of different market and customer systems, each speaking a different language and each with different needs—and high availability is a must. Throw multi-region regulatory compliance, security requirements, performance and counter-party upgrades in the mix and it’s not hard to see how the systems get exponentially more difficult to maintain and operate.

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As I am writing this piece, I am conscious that we are already in June, and yet we still seem to be wrestling with the aftermath of the Brexit and Trump decisions, France’s newly elected President-elect Macron and the upcoming elections in the United Kingdom. How the current uncertain geopolitical climate will impact our industry is anybody’s guess. Of course we all hope for market volatility, but for that we are waiting.

One thing that may be in our favor is a potential loosening of regulatory oversight in the U.S., in particular a potential rollback of the Volcker Rule that could bring more money back into the markets. I don’t have a crystal ball but like everyone in the industry, my hope is for an easing of unnecessary regulatory oversight and a rise in market volatility.

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How Trading Technologies leveraged OpenFin and the web platform to build the most performant front end in the industry.

Nick Kolba OpenFinThe following is a guest post authored by Nicholas Kolba, CTO at OpenFin. With 19+ years in software development, Nick has focused on bringing web and open source technologies into finance for a majority of his career—much of it at Thomson Reuters working on the Eikon platform.

OpenFin is the financial industry’s first common operating layer, enabling rapid and secure deployment, native experience and desktop interoperability. The world’s largest banks and trading platforms use OpenFin to deploy desktop applications both in-house, and to their buy-side and sell-side customers. With Trading Technologies’ new TT Desktop, TT adopted the OpenFin platform to deliver an HTML5-based trading application on par with the performance of their legacy C++ application.

At OpenFin, we were blown away when we saw what TT has achieved with their new TT Desktop. The application, which scales to 16 monitors of low-latency data presentation, dispels all previously held industry conceptions about HTML5 performance.

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Adding the most performant front-end application to the world’s fastest commercially available futures trading platform.

Trading Technologies is very proud to announce the release of the new TT Desktop application. This release is a significant step forward for the TT platform, and a significant technical feat in its own right. What it means for our customers is that even the largest, most complex workspaces will thrive on TT Desktop, enabling access to the industry-leading benefits of the TT platform for our most demanding customers.

During my time as a trader, one of the most important things for me was performance. To me, “performance” meant both low-latency order execution for my automated strategies as well as a front-end that remained responsive under incredibly heavy load. I actively traded around 75 instruments on any given day and managed hundreds of unique algo instances. As a long-time customer of Trading Technologies, I directly benefited from their decades-long tradition of catering to the most demanding and sophisticated professional traders.

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