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Although TT has only recently been released to the public worldwide, for the last year, we have been honing and refining the software in our early-access program. One of the features of the new TT platform that has received a significant amount of attention is a key differentiator in the way users can scan the universe of tradeable products.

From the outset, TT offered a natural word search, which was already a game-changer from the “hunt and peck” method of sifting through an exchange, type, product or expiry. In TT, a user can type “corn” and get a list of results for corn futures, spreads, options, etc. on any supported exchange.

Now, TT has enhanced the search functionality even more, such that each selection from a list of results can add context to narrow down a search.

For example…
User types in “cme” and gets a list of exchanges and related products:

The user selects “CME.” Next, the user searches for a product. Because CME was already selected as a delimiter, only products listed at CME will be in the results list:

However, if the user clicks the “tab” key after typing ES, the product becomes another delimiter:

All subsequent searches will occur only within this product. Since the product is more narrow than “CME,” the user could even remove the CME context and get the same results:

The user can also add type contexts. For example within CME, show me spreads:

And to take it further, the user can winnow down the context to E-mini spreads with a December leg:

Of course the contextual search works for options just as easily. In this example, see how the results are already narrowed down to only CME wheat options:

With the new search, a user can even launch widgets from the search bar just by typing the widget name:

If you are familiar with X_TRADER®, don’t worry, we still offer the ability to use a “Market Explorer” type of search, but we hope you’ll give contextual search a try. Because you can navigate without your hands ever leaving the keyboard, your search efforts may become seemingly effortless. See how quickly you can get what you need in this video:

Contextual search is just one of the incremental enhancements we are making to the TT platform. Keep watching Trade Talk and follow us on Twitter at @Trading_Tech for more.