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When we set out to build the trading infrastructure for the TT platform several years ago, our goal was to engineer a network of colocated data centers that would provide our customers with an easier way to access the global markets—no matter where our customers are based—and achieve superior execution performance. While many would say we’ve already achieved this goal, it’s really a moving target. Technology doesn’t stand still, so there’s always something new that we can leverage to further enhance our offering.

To this end, we’ve spent the past 12 months revamping our global network and expanding our exchange colocation with ultra-low-latency paths between our key data center locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We’ve extended our platform into London, Hong Kong and Tokyo to complement our existing data centers in Aurora, Chicago, New York, Frankfurt, Sydney and Singapore.  

When we extend our platform into a major financial center, we bring more than just the ability to trade that market. We allow the global community to easily access the region’s local markets, and we enable the region’s local community to access both their local and the global markets via our network services. We provide the local communities with a myriad of options to connect to TT. The easiest and most cost-effective way is simply over the internet. But if our customers are already in the same colocation facility, they can connect to TT via our Direct Connect Service. Or if they’re utilizing a financial extranet, such as ASX Net, BT Radianz, Colt Prizmnet, IPC or TNS, they can add TT as a destination on their access with their provider. These connectivity solutions can facilitate trading and FIX (inbound and outbound) services.

With our most recent expansion into Tokyo, TT is positioned to provide a unique offering of lowest-latency access to the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) in the JPX Colo All space as well as low-latency proximity connectivity to the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) in the @Tokyo CC2 Premium space. By strategically aligning our platform in Tokyo in both the JPX colo and the Premium space, our customers can leverage our Premium Services, which utilize dedicated infrastructure, for an even higher-performant trading solution.  

With new data centers come new opportunities. For example, TT can now provide a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) service in the @Tokyo Premium space. This allows us to deliver accurate time stamping of financial transactions to meet MiFID II RTS 25 compliance. Customers can subscribe to TT’s precision timing service, which is a fully redundant managed solution offered to customers over redundant data center cross connects.

Over the next 12 months, we will plan to leverage and utilize our expertise in global infrastructure management to develop new offerings supporting capital markets. Stay tuned for news of further developments in our infrastructure offerings to compliment the TT trading services.