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For X_TRADER® users wanting to develop their own bespoke trading applications, TT API has long been a solution for applications deployed both client-side and server-side. With the sunsetting of X_TRADER well underway, TT API users need to migrate their applications to the TT platform. TT .NET SDK offers these users a similar solution and an easy migration path, with substantial improvements over TT API.

TT .NET SDK not only gives users the ability to create their own unique behaviors, but it also surpasses the feature set of TT API and allows users to leverage all of the TT platform’s server-side execution tools, including:

However, the biggest advancement with TT .NET SDK is with server-side mode deployment via our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. While TT API applications can be deployed server-side, it was completely up to our customers to procure the environment (data center space, servers, connectivity, etc.) in which to host their applications.

With TT .NET SDK, server-side deployment is offered as a service, meaning we procure, configure, install and give you access to a dedicated high-performance server within the TT ecosystem.

  • Servers are deployed on a private secure segment in one of our colocated data centers.
  • Applications subscribe to the same uncoalesced multicast market data feeds as TT server-side execution tools.
  • No upfront investment is required. We charge a monthly fee that includes everything—hardware, power, space, cooling, software, network access and exchange access.
  • Your TT .NET SDK applications that are deployed client-side can be easily deployed server-side with only one parameter change when initializing the SDK.

Bottom line—TT .NET SDK is superior, both in terms of performance and capabilities, to TT API, and with our IaaS deployment, we are lowering the barriers to entry for low-latency API trading solutions by giving customers the high-performance infrastructure they need, with no upfront capital investment and a very affordable monthly cost.

If you’re interested in a C++ API deployed on Linux servers in this same manner, stay tuned—TT Core SDK will be available soon. For more information on our SDK offerings, please contact us.