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The End of an Era: X_TRADER®’s Final Sunset

“But even the longest day wears to sunset.”

–  Marion Zimmer Bradley

Over the next year or so, we will officially begin sunsetting the X_TRADER® platform. In case you haven’t heard this term before in relation to software, it means a gradual phasing out of a platform, with specific milestones where development, services, and support end. In the case of X_TRADER, the first of these milestones will be as soon as Q4 of this year, and the last will be in early 2020, when support will end across all aspects of the platform.


5 Questions with Kevin Muir of The MacroTourist

We’re happy to feature a long-time user of Trading Technologies software in this edition of our “5 Questions with…” blog series. Kevin Muir has used TT on three fronts: as an institutional sell-side broker, as a prop trader managing his own account and now as a fund manager.

Kevin is the author of The MacroTourist blog. His tagline is “all I bring to the party is 25 years of mistakes,” and he offers a different take on financial newsletter writing by presenting it in a fun and unique style.