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Disrupting the Order Management Landscape

At this year’s FIA Expo, we made the exciting announcement that we are launching a full service order management system called TT®  OMS. For years now, we have been describing at length how the TT platform has re-imagined and redefined what a professional trading system is capable of. Offering a full-service OMS allows us to deploy our disruptive technology to provide a very compelling alternative to a segment of customers in need of a trustworthy partner who can deliver the level of service for which TT is known.


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Crypto Corner: Chris Hehmeyer of Hehmeyer Trading + Investments

Chris Hehmeyer, CEO. Hehmeyer Trading + InvestmentsChris Hehmeyer and I first started talking about crypto over a year ago, so I thought it would be a great time to catch up with him and hear more about how his firm has progressed from having new initiatives focused on crypto markets to more mature products and offerings. I also wanted to let Chris explain the why behind the reasoning for his firm, Hehmeyer Trading + Investments (HTI), to “go big” in this space and how they became crypto and blockchain believers!

While the name Chris Hehmeyer is probably familiar to anybody close to futures trading in the U.S., this is the Crypto Corner, so I’ll touch the tip of the iceberg on the background of the guy I have admired mostly from afar during my 20+ years in the business. I’ll also mention that Chris was on a crypto panel at the recent FIA Expo 2018 in Chicago, and had a great Will Rogers-esque quip that got a great laugh in the room. In fact, one of my co-workers said after that panel, “I could listen to Hehmeyer talk all day.”


5 Questions with Larry Benedict, the Opportunistic Trader

Larry Benedict recently launched Opportunistic Trader, an interactive community to help traders become more informed and more consistent. We talked with him about getting started in trading. In addition, Larry is an expert in options, so with the strong rise in options trading across the futures industry and the big move that we at Trading Technologies have made into options trading over the past year, we asked him about the options space.


Crypto Corner: Dan Gunsberg of Gordian Block Capital

Crypto Corner: Dan Gunsberg of Gordian Block CapitalOur first guest in our crypto interview series is a traditional trader, turned crypto trader, turned crypto entrepreneur. Like many in crypto, Dan Gunsberg is an interesting guy with an interesting background; and because of this, we conducted this interview over breakfast at an interesting place, Soho House in Chicago. It’s not the typical place for a business meeting, but rather more of a hipster joint where business guys aren’t welcome—but crypto guys fit right in.

Dan is the co-founder of Gordian Block Capital, LLC, a cryptocurrency and digital assets investment and trading firm. Dan has over 20 years experience in financial markets, trading and technology. Dan has been active in crypto markets since 2015. He left traditional markets in October 2017 to pursue full-time cryptocurrency trading.  

Dan holds a BFA in Political Science from The Ohio State University. He currently resides in Highland Park, Illinois.