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Every time I meet with customers I ask them the same question: “Why do you use X_TRADER?” Some sample responses:

“Because of your spreader.”
“It’s the most reliable system I’ve ever used.”
“Your automated trading is second to none.”
“You do spread charts the right way.”
“It’s flexible. I can configure it the way I like.”

This is a biased sample, of course, since the traders I ask are already using X_TRADER. But the answers are revealing. And there is a strong underlying theme to the replies.They use X_TRADER every day for one simple reason: Because it is very good at what it is supposed to do.

Forgive me if this sounds like boasting, but, hey, I’m just reporting what I hear as the X_TRADER product manager. And after all, this is a TT-sponsored product blog. 🙂
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Today marks the debut of Trading Technologies’ official corporate blog, Trade
Talk. On behalf of my colleagues, I’m excited to have another way to
communicate with our global community of customers, partners, employees and
others who have taken an interest in TT.

Who You’ll “Meet” Here

All of our product managers will write for Trade Talk. They are the folks who
lead the evolution of our product line on a day-to-day basis. They know our
software and the markets we serve inside and out, and they’ll provide our
readers with interesting content and commentary regarding a broad swath of
topics. We think you’ll enjoy hearing from them.

What You Can Expect to Find

We’ll write regularly about TT’s software, of course. We’ll offer “tips and
tricks,” introduce new features and products, explore existing capabilities and
present interesting use cases to help our customers best leverage our platform.

But we also plan to elevate the discussion beyond TT-centric topics and examine
key issues facing our industry. If something important happens in our world,
you might find us offering an analysis or opinion here.

Given that the range of topics we plan to discuss is wide-ranging, we hope
Trade Talk will become a place you’ll visit regularly for provocative content,
even if you’re not a TT customer—or, for that matter, not a trader. That
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