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If you follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ or if you get our newsletter, you probably already know that we’ve begun to preview some of the noteworthy functionality that will be available in the next-generation platform, which we are calling, simply, TT. You can easily find this content on Twitter and Google+ by searching for the hashtag #PreviewTT.

Last week, we showed how easy it is to get started with the new platform. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model makes it possible for firms to onboard new users in a matter of minutes from virtually any internet-connected computer, and the process is just as simple from the user’s perspective. Since the new platform doesn’t require a software install, a user with an established FCM account can typically begin trading on TT immediately after accepting an online invitation.

This is exciting news for our customers, some of whom are now starting to experience these benefits firsthand as we accelerate rollout to early-stage users.

Below you can see the content we shared last week on Twitter. This week, we’ll be spotlighting the unique aspects of workspace creation and access.

Keep an eye on #PreviewTT for more, or if you’re interested in discovering the benefits of TT firsthand as an early-stage user, contact your Trading Technologies representative for details.