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We’ve brought many innovations to market since the first version of X_TRADER® debuted 21 years ago, but perhaps none of them is as well-known as the MD Trader® ladder. With features like single-click order entry and cancellation, support for synthetic orders, and a range of tools to view depth of market, implied prices and volume, volume at price and more, MD Trader is widely acknowledged as the industry-standard ladder for professional futures traders.

So it’s a given that the new TT platform incorporates MD Trader. But along with all the popular functionality that our customers already appreciate, the TT version of MD Trader delivers even more flexibility and power.

We showcased some of these new features last week on Twitter. For example:

  • Tabs allow you to conserve screen real estate and trade multiple contracts in one instance of MD Trader.
  • See your real-time positions at a glance in the tabs. Visual cues alert you when your position changes.
  • Drag and drop a tab onto the workspace to isolate a tabbed contract in a new MD Trader widget.
  • Easily roll an expired contract to the front-month contract with just a few clicks.

Scroll down for last week’s MD Trader-related tweets. Then keep following #PreviewTT on Twitter. Beginning tomorrow, we’ll spotlight one of my personal favorites, TT Mobile.