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Last week, #PreviewTT showcased some of the risk management capabilities that are built into the TT platform.

TT couples familiar risk-management and user-administration functionality, including popular risk controls, with significant enhancements. For example:

  • Administrators can customize their own account hierarchies to apply controls at any number of levels within those hierarchies or apply them directly to users.
  • FCMs can provide firms with administrative access and give them control over the limits and settings on their sub-accounts without giving up control of aggregate risk limits.
  • Trading firms can have their own administrative access to TT, with fine-grain control over the limits and settings on their own accounts and sub-accounts, even when positions get reset.
  • Limits can be set per user as well as per account/sub-account. All limits work in conjunction with each other and must be approved before an order can be sent to the exchange.

And just like the trading application, the risk management and user administration apps are accessible via mobile devices.

Below you’ll find the content we shared last week on Twitter. It includes a video that highlights some of the key enhancements plus many product screenshots.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll talk about the TT platform architecture and benefits it delivers to our users. So keep following @Trading_Tech and #PreviewTT.