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We’re excited to announce our one-stop online destination for all training materials related to the TT platform. The new training site contains training videos and materials targeted to both traders and administrators, with even more topics in development. The site also allows users with a TT login to save training materials under the My Tutorials section for later viewing.

Last week on Twitter, #TTtraining highlighted new training material for the TT platform analytics and charting functionality.

The TT Charts and Time and Sales widgets provide users with a variety of robust tools to assess the market and make informed trading decisions. For example, traders can:

  • Quickly and easily view the high, low, open and close for any product using TT Charts.
  • Leverage over 80 technical indicators to analyze market activity.
  • Identify market trends with moving averages.
  • Easily view trade data with the Time and Sales widget.

And just like the trading application, the analytics and charting apps are accessible via Android and iOS mobile devices through TT Mobile.

Below you’ll find the content we shared last week on Twitter. It includes all of the training videos, and it links directly to our training site.

This week, we’ll talk about the new risk and administration tools in the TT platform, so keep following @Trading_Tech and #TTtraining.