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TT was once again down in Florida to gain key insights from some of the industry’s leading minds at the 41st Annual FIA Conference in Boca Raton. We had the opportunity to meet with the media, partners and customers to talk about how we’ve changed in the past year. Here’s a recap of the eventful week:

Things kicked off with a new initiative on Tuesday, March 15: the inaugural TT/FIA tennis tournament, benefiting Futures For Kids. We were pleased to have a strong turnout, and it was a fun and fit way to meet new people and catch up with longtime industry friends.

The heart of the Boca program began on Wednesday with panels on topics impacting the industry. The Exchange Leaders panel was a big draw, featuring the CEOs of Deutsche Borse, CME Group, ICE, SGX and Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing. The key takeaway was that these exchange groups — each one of them — are looking to technology to drive innovation and their organizations’ futures.

Blockchain and AI were clearly the most discussed new technologies on Thursday’s panel. And the ramifications of the LSE’s and Deutsche Borse’s proposed blockbuster deal also had attendees abuzz.

The week had marquee keynotes as well. Most notably, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice gave a thoughtful talk that touched on the current presidential race, national security and the U.S.’s role as a global superpower.

The panels and keynotes are always interesting and even entertaining, but the best part of Boca is the face-to-face discussions with customers, partners, reporters and regulators. Boca gives TT the opportunity to interact with experts and leaders and get a sense of what they think the next year will hold for our industry.

Last but not least, the conference is a time for us to share our important company and product updates, and this time it was all about what’s been happening with the TT platform since we announced its broad availability at Boca last year. We shared the significant improvements in the platform’s performance metrics. We are near feature and market parity. We are continually onboarding new exchanges and distribution partners. And the platform gives us the flexibility to enter new lines of business. For the first time in our 22 year history, we’ll be offering options on TT.

We’re excited about the strides we’ve made with TT, and about the positive feedback we received, not only at the conference but over the past year as a whole. As our story is one of continuous improvement and innovation, I can’t wait the see what is in store for Boca 2017. Stay tuned.