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In our previous two blog posts, Make Surveillance Smarter and Eliminate Blind Spots With TT Score and Supercharge Your Spoofing Surveillance with TT Score, we described how TT Score utilizes advanced machine learning technology to detect and score complex patterns of manipulative and disruptive trading activity, including but not limited to spoofing, layering, flipping, vacuuming and momentum ignition.

In this post, we will discuss the next phase of TT Score’s evolution, which is the integration of TT Score with the TT platform.

Why is this a big deal? The newly integrated TT Score is another way that we can help our customers reduce costs and create efficiencies while making compliance surveillance capabilities easily available to the masses.

The implementation of a traditional rules-based surveillance system could take several months or even a year. Depending on the vendor involved, this process might include procuring a server, coding numerous extract, translate and load (ETL) programs for unique audit log formats, and tuning and then testing hundreds of parameter settings for effective alert generation.

Some firms incur additional costs during this process by hiring consultants to help them navigate the complex maze of implementation, while others tie up their own internal resources instead of having them focus on important revenue-generating projects.

Now that TT Score is integrated with the TT platform, we have simplified the implementation process and successfully removed the resource-draining hurdles that are typically associated with implementing compliance software. All order activity for all users of the TT platform is already captured and stored indefinitely. If a company enables TT Score through the Setup interface, compliance officers can immediately use TT Score to monitor and evaluate order activity for all of their traders, and individual users can monitor their own activity.

Furthermore, TT Score is not limited to the surveillance of users on the TT platform. Companies can surveil users of X_TRADER®, third-party vendors and proprietary systems all at once. With FIX Drop Copy, order activity from any platform can be pulled into the TT platform where it is also stored indefinitely and can be exported into .csv files on demand by the user.

Because the implementation process for TT Score is so efficient, it makes our software accessible to every type of participant in the financial industry, from the largest global bank supervising hundreds of accounts, down to an individual trader, which has never been done before. We’re democratizing compliance, and providing traders with unique benefits that they’ve never previously had.

TT Score’s advanced machine learning analytics and state-of-the-art visuals provide an easily understandable and accurate picture of a firm or individual trader’s regulatory risk. This risk-based approach allows compliance officers, risk managers, and individual traders to quickly identify risk, so that they can the be proactive and make the necessary adjustments before the activity results in a regulatory investigation.

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself. Contact your local TT representative and request a free trial of TT Score today. We’re confident you’ll quickly see that TT Score stands above all other trade surveillance and compliance solutions when it comes to helping you identify risk and stay out of the regulator’s crosshairs.