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I’d like to announce a new initiative for TT’s cryptocurrency business. We’re starting a new series here on Trade Talk, just for crypto, that we’re calling Crypto Corner. It will be akin to our “5 Questions with…” series which features interviews with traders and other thought leaders in our industry.

So who do we have in mind for guests, you may wonder? Well, with our global customer breadth and our growing crypto network, we think we have many leading crypto traders, thought leaders, and corporate leaders who are making crypto the wild and wonderful world it is today. Stay tuned to Trade Talk for our inaugural post coming this month.

On that note, many of our future guests are contributors in our new TT Crypto group on Telegram. I’d highly recommend you check out the group and share the link,, with serious crypto friends. There’s lots of great discussion about crypto news and market action going on in there every day.

Switching topics, we get a fair amount of requests about our exchange roadmap. We are actively working on connectivity to multiple crypto spot and futures exchanges. We recently announced planned connectivity to a British Virgin Island-based futures exchange named CoinfloorEx that will happen in September. We hope to be connected to more than five exchanges by year’s end, including more non-U.S. exchanges and exchanges for alt coin enthusiasts. With the serious amount of CME and Cboe bitcoin futures volume going through TT every day, we know we can also impact a meaningful percentage of crypto-only exchanges.

We’re looking forward to communicating more with our crypto community this fall, thanks in advance for checking it out!