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We recently announced an agreement with Graystone Asset Management Partners to provide colocation infrastructure hosting utilizing our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) solution. In this instance, Graystone will be leveraging functionality of the TT platform in addition to TT infrastructure services, which makes the integration between the dedicated infrastructure and TT platform services seamless, provides an opportunity for service bundling, and gives Graystone one-throat-to-choke if there are issues. That’s fine with TT, because we know from experience that we can resolve problems much quicker when fewer third parties are involved. But there are lots of other benefits to getting your trading infrastructure services from TT.

While there are likely thousands of managed service offerings in the world, trading networks and infrastructure services require specialized equipment and operational knowledge to meet the performance and availability expectations of professional traders. We built and manage what is arguably one of the largest derivatives trading networks in the world, with exchange colocation in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Because we have been operating trading networks for 20 years, we’ve seen a thing or two.  Our experience combined with our forward-looking approach to technology and cloud-native mindset translates into a better trading experience for users.

For example, we’ve built our global network on a mesh of layer one services over the world’s lowest latency fiber routes. Our network is not an overlay on anyone else’s layer three or MPLS network—TT systems make all the routing decisions. This approach minimizes intra-data-center packet latency between TT data centers. Additionally, TT utilizes multicast within its network for efficient use of bandwidth and hardware-speed packet replication. We are experts at managing large-scale, any-source multicast networks as well as troubleshooting network-related issues up through the application layer.

Our network and infrastructure teams have been providing fully redundant exchange access to the world’s most actively traded markets for use by our X_TRADER® and TT execution platforms for years. Not only is our exchange access fully redundant, but we have invested in alternate exchange access in diverse data centers for business continuity/disaster recovery needs. We don’t just route exchange access over our backbone; we take the locally popped connectivity directly, ensuring markets are available—even if a data center is isolated.

All of the critical hand-off points in our network, like exchange and carrier cross-connects, are tapped, and network traffic is captured with precision timestamps. This data is used in real time to actively monitor backbone utilization and is a critical source of information for quickly troubleshooting the trickiest network or application issues.

TT’s compute infrastructure is optimized for performance. We operate a mix of highly reliable servers and high-performance overclocked systems to match the performance requirements of deployed workloads. Our servers are networked together using the same low-latency cut-through switches that are used as the standard throughout the trading industry. The server network interfaces provide a range of high-performance capabilities, including the ability to reduce latency by eliminating excessive data copies through bypassing the operating system stack. Each server’s network interface has hardware-based PTP (IEEE 1588) with a local onboard oscillator and phase lock loop that ensure systems are tightly synchronized.

Finally—and maybe the most important aspect of our capabilities for our customers—we run a follow-the-sun support and operations model by globally staffing our regional offices with credentialed network and system engineers in the U.S., India, Singapore and London.  Our support and operations staff has been operating to the demands of the trading industry for years.

Our IaaS offering allows you to take advantage of our resilient low-latency global trading network and hosting options and gain access to a worldwide financial ecosystem. IaaS will reduce your solution complexity, investment and risk—without sacrificing performance.

To learn more about IaaS, check out our website. I also encourage you to contact our sales team to discuss how TT can serve your infrastructure needs.