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Reflecting on the first half of the summer 2019 internship program at Trading Technologies, it’s hard to believe how quickly the weeks are moving by. In June, ten interns from schools across the country joined various departments at TT. Stepping off the elevator at 222 S. Riverside Plaza into the renowned company’s global headquarters, it would be understandable for a college student like me to feel somewhat intimidated.

The atmosphere here could not be more different, however! Between the friendly individuals who make up the TT team, cityscape views, fun office amenities like pool, ping pong, pinball machines and more in the game room, and countless snacks and drinks available at the Tech Tap, it’s clear to see why TT was listed as a Best Place to Work by Crain’s Chicago Business in 2018. 

As the summer progresses, we continue to discover more about our unique responsibilities and take pride in how we contribute to the success of TT. Through ongoing meetings with our full-time colleagues, we’re learning about the trading industry and getting introduced to the TT platform while also receiving other beneficial advice. All of this will be helpful at the end of the summer when we contend with one another in the TT Intern Trading Challenge. In a simulated trading environment, we will trade futures and options using TT to see who can gain the highest net capital results. In addition to bragging rights, the winner will receive an Amazon gift card.

Competition aside, the group enjoys catching up over lunches in the Tech Tap. In June, we appreciated the opportunity to attend the Illinois Technology Association Chi Interns Unite summer kick-off and meet other interns who are working for local tech companies. With Chicago’s tech scene expanding and constantly evolving, it is incredibly valuable to learn from leaders and grow with peers in similar businesses. The broader industry is as successful as the individuals who make it up, just as here at TT our internship program is as strong as the students who contribute to it.

Without further ado, please meet the Trading Technologies 2019 summer interns as they appear from left to right in the top photo above:

Jack Delaney, University of Illinois at Chicago 
Entering into his senior year at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Jack majors in computer science. He interns in the Engineering Department, working with the Order Connectivity Team. Jack enjoys the office space and plentiful food and drink options at the Tech Tap, and he notes that everyone is easy to get along with and willing to offer support. Outside of work, he likes attending hockey games and checking out obscure concert shows with friends.

Marc Harvey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Majoring in computer engineering, Marc will start his junior year this fall at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As an intern on the Algo Team, he notices how people are helpful and giving of time, as well as how in-sync the company’s various teams are. In his spare time, Marc likes running, listening to audiobooks and helping train his family’s new puppy.

Ishaan Mathur, Naperville North High School
Our youngest intern, Ishaan, will start his junior year of high school this fall and plans to study computer science in college. This summer, he enjoys learning about the fintech industry and understanding how the TT platform works. While interning in the Engineering Department, he’s helping the Order Connectivity Team and appreciates the friendly work environment and flexible hours that TT fosters. For fun, Ishaan likes to play basketball. 

Alexandra Garza, DePaul University 
This fall, I will enter my senior year at DePaul University, where I major in communications and media and minor in marketing as well as public relations/advertising. As an intern in the Marketing Department, I enjoy planning events like the John Lothian MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity, creating social media content, and contributing to internal and external communication efforts. Like many other interns, I appreciate how friendly and welcoming everyone is at TT and like being part of the TT Women in Tech Marketing Committee. In my spare time, I like trying new restaurants with friends and going to concerts.

Mark Auger, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis 
Mark will return to Indianapolis this fall to start his junior year at IUPUI, where he majors in computer science. This summer, he interns in the Engineering Department on the TTW Team. Something that surprised him about the behind-the-scenes of work was seeing how large the codebase was for the first time. He also appreciates how great his team is and that every day is like solving a puzzle. For fun, Mark enjoys competitive swimming. 

Ian Mindich, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ian will enter into his first year of graduate school this fall at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he studies computer engineering. He interns on the SDK API team within the Engineering Department and was surprised when he first saw the scale of the codebase here at Trading Technologies. He also appreciates learning more about trading through a technical context. When he gets a chance, Ian enjoys swimming and playing chess. 

Graham Bonebrake, University of Connecticut 
This fall, Graham will begin his junior year as a finance major at the University of Connecticut. He interns in the Support Department and provides timely assistance to customers. He notes how willing to help everyone is and likes how free-flowing and relaxed the office environment is at TT. Outside of work, Graham is an avid soccer fan and is often either watching a game, playing himself or reading soccer news (Go Liverpool #6times). 

Nathan Breisch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Majoring in agricultural economic markets, Nate will start his senior year this fall at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He interns in the IT Department and likes that people are able to accomplish their goals while having fun. Additionally, Nate appreciates that the TT work environment promotes teamwork and collaboration between all areas of the company and that the Tech Tap has no shortage of good snacks. For fun, he likes to hang out with friends and play pickup games of softball and volleyball on the weekends.

Rahul Jain, University of California Berkeley
Rahul joins us from the West Coast, where he’ll continue his studies of computer science and applied mathematics this fall as a junior at UC Berkeley. He’s interning in the Engineering Department and concentrating on the TT Score trade surveillance and compliance solution. He likes the collaborative efforts that TT supports and finds the openness of the workplace quite relaxing. Additionally, Rahul enjoys the snacks from the Tech Tap—specifically, the copious amounts of mints and chocolate almonds. In his free time, he likes hanging out with friends and making people laugh, watching TV shows and following sports (Go Lakers!).

Arnold Boros, Lake Forest College
A recent graduate from Lake Forest College, Arnold double-majored in psychology and human resource management. As an intern in our Human Resources Department, he wears many hats and appreciates that he’s able to see numerous exciting projects through to completion. When he gets a chance, Arnold likes to hike, travel, bake and listen to podcasts.

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If you are a student interested in the summer 2020 Trading Technologies internship program, please send your resume to Our HR team will begin considering resumes and applications in September.