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As a pioneer of electronic trading, we at Trading Technologies value our industry’s rich history. We recognize the need to preserve our legacies and lessons to broadly educate and inspire those to come. This is what John Lothian News (JLN) is doing through the Open Outcry Traders History Project, The Path to Electronic Trading series and MarketsWiki.

JLN established a GoFundMe campaign during the pandemic to support this work. So far, it has generated $32,626 of the $300,000 goal. 

To encourage broader giving, we are stepping up and announcing that we will match the next $20,000 in donations to this campaign. And we are challenging the other sponsors of JLN to launch their own matching programs.  

Why support JLN?

As the saying goes, you’ll never get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you came from. This is why it’s so important to support these initiatives. 

Through rich storytelling, the JLN team is working to capture the history that led us to this modern era, where anyone—from a small family farm to a global corporate conglomerate—can efficiently and effectively manage risk. They’re celebrating the game changers who catalyzed innovation and growth, sharing personal anecdotes through a series of fascinating on-camera interviews in the Open Outcry Traders History Project and The Path to Electronic Trading series. And they’re offering valuable insights and advice to students considering employment in this industry through the MarketsWiki World of Opportunity events. 

JLN needs funding to continue this ambitious work. It’s critical to educate not only those who have already built careers in this industry, but also the next generation of capital markets professionals. 

Our first donation to be matched is from Charlie Carey, a CME Group board member, former CME Group vice chairman and former CBOT chairman, in the amount of $1,000. Please join us in making your contribution here.