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TT’s Autospreader has long been a favorite tool among the proprietary trading and order desk communities. Automating hedge leg execution opens the door for superior hedge price execution and adds to the bottom line. The paradox we see now is why use a client—a front-end that can never compete with the execution speed and efficiency of server-side logic—for the quote-side execution? When striving for optional spread execution, why not automate the entire process? This is where the TT platform’s ADL DIY algo design tool comes in to improve your performance. 

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The TT® platform has been available for more than a year now, and in that time, we have been very conscious of seeking input from users. Through a series of webinars and training presentations, I have been fortunate to get first-hand feedback.

Three of the topics that traders keep coming back to are accessibility, speed and flexibility. Let’s take a deeper look at each characteristic.
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The evolution of mobile phone technology has been remarkable over the past several years as business and personal applications expand—and in some cases transition—to mobile platforms.

Five years ago, we saw laptops begin to replace desktops as the device of choice for many business and personal applications. Now, laptops are being nudged aside by phones, including increasingly popular “phablets” like Samsung’s Note and Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, which feature larger, more vibrant screens along with more functionality and greater options. Personally, I find myself managing tasks on my iPhone 6 Plus nearly as much as I do on my MacBook Air.

Clearly, phones today are for more than just making calls. Now, your phone is your take-everywhere friend, confidant and constant source for information of all types.

And now with TT Mobile, the mobile app for the new TT platform, your phone is also your source for market data and your platform for trading.

The fact that we’ve been able to replicate the desktop experience of TT in a form factor for the phone that is robust enough to appeal to the professional trader is a big achievement. TT Mobile comes complete with MD Trader®, access to the full audit trail and order book, charting, spread trading and more, allowing you to take the markets with you virtually anywhere you go. Continue Reading →

Last week on Twitter, we showcased our new TT Mobile application. This high-performance, on-the-go trading app will allow users of the next-generation TT platform to view and trade the markets from any Android or iOS phone.

The response has been tremendous, but I don’t think any of us at TT are surprised.

Unlike most mobile trading apps, TT Mobile was built from the ground up for the professional trader. It extends the robust functionality of the TT desktop application to a mobile device in a form factor uniquely designed for the phone. Everything—including MD Trader®, charting and the “forever” Audit Trail—is optimized to provide both ease of use and security. You can monitor markets, check positions, enter or modify orders, trade out or practice trading in simulation from pretty much any location.

And TT Mobile sits on the same network infrastructure as the desktop application, which means all orders route through the same high-performance co-location facilities to deliver low-latency execution.

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