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When I talk to customers about workspace functionality, there are several points that frequently recur:

  • Users want to be able to set up workspaces quickly and they want the process to be intuitive, not something that requires extensive training or labor.
  • They want to customize a workspace to their preferences. This might not seem like a big deal to some people, but for others who are accustomed to a certain style, the inability to modify a setting might be a major frustration.
  • They don’t want to be faced with the chore of re-creating workspaces if they move to a new machine or if their hard drive crashes. This is especially true for users who trade many different products and have a unique workspace for each product.

If you were following #PreviewTT on Twitter last week, you already know that the new TT platform takes the “work” out of workspaces. TT provides an enhanced user experience, with customizable application-specific widgets, intuitive search functionality and secure cloud-based storage that makes creating, storing and accessing workspaces easier than ever before.

To learn more about workspaces, scroll down to see the content we shared last week. And keep watching #PreviewTT on Twitter. We’ll be talking about some of the enhancements coming in MD Trader starting tomorrow.