One screen. Many brokers.

Our new MultiBroker solution is the ultimate platform for global buy-side derivatives traders.

MultiBroker is designed for today’s professional traders, with integrated trading, care order management and back-office tools. With MultiBroker, you can enter orders from a single X_TRADER® workstation or application programming interface (API) and send them to any participating broker through a direct market access (DMA) network with just one click.

Orders route directly to the world’s major futures exchanges through TT’s fully managed TTNET™ global hosting solution, which delivers low-latency performance and stability. Trade dozens of global markets via TT’s high-performance exchange gateways and gain access to futures, options on futures, fixed income, select OTC products and swaps spanning more than 14,000 different products.

TTNET™: A dedicated global trading network

At the core of MultiBroker is TTNET, our fully managed hosting service. TTNET™ is a trading-only high-speed global network that is truly broker-neutral. With hubs located in major financial centers across North America, South America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region, TTNET achieves low-latency DMA and optimal execution performance.

The TTNET global network is engineered for maximum scalability and performance, with seamless access to all brokers of your choice. All operational details, such as network access, trading and administrative applications, and API/FIX interfaces are normalized to a single standard, ensuring your traders and applications work across all brokers. Adding or changing brokers is simple and transparent to your daily workflow.  

Extreme performance at a fixed, affordable price

With MultiBroker, you need only one platform and one connection to trade with multiple brokers. Trading fees are incurred at a transactional rate and charged to sell-side firms, and infrastructure costs are borne by TT, which mitigates start-up costs for all participants. Buy-side users pay their brokers based on their negotiated fee arrangements, which translates to constant, predictable costs whether you’re trading through two brokers or twenty. 

Diversify risk with TT’s global broker network

TT’s trading software is offered by over 100 sell-side institutions worldwide, including 19 of the top 20 U.S. futures brokers. MultiBroker is bringing these relationships together, providing buy-side firms with a single point of access to the TTNET global network. Firms that execute through MultiBroker can minimize their exposure to any given broker,  easily  gain access to new markets and enhance competition for their business.

Manage credit and position risk

In MultiBroker, separate pre-execution credit, position limits and margin are maintained by each broker. Buy-side users have a single integrated view of positions and P/L across all brokers, but can also create multiple filtered views by broker, market, product or portfolio. Buy-side risk managers and traders can set system alerts based on prices, fills, trading (position, P/L, available credit, etc.), working orders, events (errors, exchange announcements, etc.), date/time and more.

A single FIX drop-copy feed captures transactional activity across all brokers, eliminating the need for individual FIX conformance tests and individual connections with each broker. Once the initial integration with your back-office FIX systems is complete, switching flow between brokers is seamless.

X_TRADER®: The only screen you need

MultiBroker spans the entire suite of TT’s products and provides connectivity to all TT-supported markets. The cornerstone of MultiBroker is TT’s flagship trading product, X_TRADER.  A toolset that includes Autospreader®, Autotrader™, ADL® and TT SIM™ allows buy-side traders to create, test and deploy sophisticated trading strategies with ease and precision. Consistently named Best Buy-Side Commodities Trading Platform by Buy-Side Technology magazine, X_TRADER delivers the features and performance that buy-side traders require:

  • Define routing rules to pre-allocate large orders to multiple brokers/accounts 
  • Create custom order templates for specific brokers and trading rules
  • Route care orders to your internal or brokers’ execution desks 
  • Define, manage and execute synthetic spreads across multiple exchanges
  • Create or customize algorithms, both alpha-seeking and execution-enhancing, and use them across brokers
  • Trade synthetic stops, OCOs, time/volume slicers, icebergs and other synthetic order types on any TT-supported market
  • Execute spread, algo and synthetic orders in microseconds on servers in close proximity to exchange matching engines
  • Chart the prices you trade with data captured directly from the execution price stream, not a consolidated price feed, using X_STUDY®, an integrated charting and analytics package

MultiBroker also supplies access to the TT API and TT FIX Adapter API solutions. TT API provides a single .NET interface for low-latency market data and order routing, while FIX Adapter offers a normalized FIX interface through a single session to access any broker. Our Developer Technical Support (DTS) team is available to provide support if needed at no additional cost. 

You can incorporate any number of these components into your trading system to meet specific requirements. All components work together seamlessly under a single risk management and user admin model.

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