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Last week on Twitter, #PreviewTT looked at how the TT platform architecture allows us to deliver unprecedented benefits, combining the best of X_TRADER® with enhancements that make TT even easier to use, more accessible and more performant.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model eliminates the need for software installation, which means all users get access to the latest functionality on the day it launches regardless of where they’re located. Our customers say this makes TT a game changer.

SaaS also makes it possible to rapidly deliver that functionality virtually anywhere—whether you’re trading from a multi-monitor desktop workstation at the office, from a MacBook at home, or even from a phone while you’re on the go.

SaaS also enables the same workspaces, algos and configurations as well as your Audit Trail and other data to go wherever you go.

The TT platform’s back-end architecture and performance are equally impressive. Tests show latency of under 150 microseconds, while we’re building hot failover and full network path redundancy to ensure the network will be there when you need it.

For more, scroll down to see the content we shared last week on Twitter.

If you’re ready to give TT a try, contact your FCM and ask if they’re onboarding customers. If they haven’t begun, call us and we’ll help you get going.

Soon we’ll be launching a new demo environment that will allow anyone to create an account and try TT for themselves. Watch our Twitter feed in the weeks to come for more details.